Robert E Turner, an Attorney out of Decatur GA, dedicated to law

Robert E Turner, an Attorney out of Decatur GA is dedicated to excellent legal practices. He is an exceptional lawyer who is well-versed in all types of law, but focuses on the practice of estate planning, elder law, and asset protection. He is the owner and operator of the law firm that he established which is based out of the Atlanta metro area called Turner Law, PC. He leaves his firm in its undying dedication to the client and delivering excellent services on behalf of all of its clients. He aids them in protecting their futures and the futures of their families through excellent legal services and counsel. He has been practicing law for more than 26 years and has focused on this specific type of law for 24 years. He is looked to by the community for his legal experience and leading body of work. He is knowledgeable in a number of fields including guardianship, litigation regarding guardianship, probate of estates, estate planning, special needs planning, trusts, charitable planning for estates, and tax representation. He is a master of topics including business, taxes as well as law. He is highly educated and known for his extreme preparation and delivery which is focused on details and sound legal status. Over the years he has received a number of awards for his excellence in the practice and continues to gather the praise and accolades from the community and his clients alike. The firm is built on the model that he has provided for excellent legal services on behalf of their clients.


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