Robert E Turner Attorney Decatur GA: Protecting Your Rights

Robert E Turner Attorney Decatur GA is a highly experienced, highly dedicated legal professional currently working within the realm of future security. He has an immense background working various positions within the legal community, including a position as the Law Clerk for Chief Justice Torbert at the Alabama Supreme Court. While employed as the Law Clerk for the Alabama Supreme Court, he was responsible for drafting the Chief Justice’s opinions and consulting on various cases. After working with the Alabama Supreme Court, he received his Master’s degree in taxation law and began a position with Coopers and Lybrand as a tax specialist and planner. He was then hired away by AmSouth Bank as a trust officer and estate-planning counselor. This began his extensive experience and career as an expert estate planner.

Robert Turner began his career as the Law Clerk to Chief Justice Torbert of the Alabama Supreme Court. Upon arriving in Atlanta, Georgia Robert E. Turner appealed the Seminal 4th Amendment right to privacy case, Chandler v. Miller, to the U.S. Supreme Court where he was successful in overturning the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals case with victory from the U.S. Supreme Court by an eight to one decision.

Robert E Turner Attorney Decatur GA is an expert lawyer dedicated to his clients’ futures. He established his own law firm in 1999 in Decatur, Georgia called Turner Law, PC where he practices estate planning, elder law, probate law, and offers taxation services. He will ensure that each of his clients have the peace of mind that they deserve in regards to the future of their assets and the future of their family as well. Whether you need your will validated or your rights protected from agencies like the IRS, Robert E Turner Attorney Decatur GA is on your side and ready to secure your future. The rights of every client are important to Robert E Turner; he will work as hard as possible whether you need probation services, elder law or estate planning.

Robert Turner, while working with his law firm, Turner Law, PC in Decatur, Georgia, served as the Chair of the Atlanta Bar Estate Planning and Probate Section Board of the directors in 2013 and 2014 and the section was awarded section of the year during his tenure. Robert Turner, Attorney at Law, served the DeKalb County and Decatur, Georgia probate community by volunteering his time to the DeKalb County Probate Court located in Decatur, Georgia to persons in need of assistance with probate matters.




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